Assembly of God Church School, Sodepur

Affiliated to the Council of ISC Examination, New Delhi, W.B. 158
A Group of Schools under the registered body of the Assembly of God Church, Asansol
Abscence and Leave
  1. No pupil, unless sick, should remain absent without prior permission.
  2. Pupils must return after the holidays on the stipulated date. In case of sickness the school authority must be notified and a doctor's certificate must be produced. Late comers are liable to lose their seats.
  3. The names of those who are absent without leave for one week or more may be struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be taken.
  4. Leave must be obtained by written application from parents or guardians in the prescribed "leave records". Late comers must produce a similar justification.
  5. To be admitted to the class room, those who have been absent and late comers, must show their teachers their regularity record counter signed by the Teacher-in-charge.
  6. Those who return to school after absenting themselves without leave, shall not enter the class room without the sanction of the Principal/ Teacher-in-charge, and will be allowed in, only with an application / leave note from the parents stating the reasons for the absence. The school disclaims all responsibilities in this matter. If they fail to produce this, a pupil is obliged to return home during school hours.
  7. No child is allowed to leave the school premises except on the strength of a letter of authorization from respective parents / guardians and that too for a valid reason.
  8. Students who have been absent from class must have the reason for their absence briefly noted in their regularity record. Reasons of private nature may be intimated by a letter. Birthdays, excursions, urgent business are not sufficient reasons. Absence from school in order to study is not allowed.
  9. Remaining absent from school before examination without prior intimation / application is liable to a fine as prescribed by the school authority.
  10. The pupil must be present on the last and first working day of the school after any holiday / vacation.
  11. Students must be present for the entire week that precedes any examination, failing to do so a fine of Rs. 50/- shall be imposed per day. Medical leave if taken should be for a minimum of three days.
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